Beauty & the 'Burbs, 2009

Beauty & the ‘Burbs deals with an aspect of Australian culture often overlooked and rarely thought about; suburbia. Suburbia is taken for granted and misunderstood by the younger generation; often considered a prelude to a better life, or something they won’t have to return to until they have children of their own. 
We forget that suburbia was once the most sought after lifestyle of all, The Australian Dream. 
Essentially, Beauty & the ‘Burbs explores the quintessentially Australian aspects of the ‘burbs, and challenges its perceived mediocrity.
This series was exhibited in the COFA Annual 09. 

Christmas lights, 2009

Pasadena Sprinkler, 2009

Red brick house, 2009
Princess & Snowy, 2009

Unit 35, 2009

Golf Course, 2009