The Valley Times newspaper.

I took this shot for a local newspaper distributed by Torch Publishing around the Earlwood/Canterbury area called The Valley Times a couple of weeks ago. It ran with a story about the bat counts in Wolli Creek Valley, and for all those aware I have been making a work out in Wolli Creek Valley this year and met some members of the Wolli Creek Preservation Society along the way, and hence became involved in photographing this bat count session to run with the article.
First time I've ever been printed in a newspaper. It's always just fun seeing my name, I will never get over how awesome it is getting credit for something you put some much time, energy and passion into.
This was pretty easy to organise, seeing as I only had to shoot and then submit the best photos to the WCPS, and the editor chose the photo they preferred. I'm happy with how it came out.
Taken on my friends camera because it has much better low-light capabilities then the 30D. Two exposures (one under exposed, one ever exposed), masking, and that's how the magic happened.