Et Cetera Records CD Artwork.

I did this CD art work in 2008. It was the first thing that ever really happened with my photographs. It's CD art for a CD that a small record label, Et Cetera, in Amsterdam put out all over Europe. They were kind enough to mail me a copy (seeing as I did the job pro bono and all...)
They contacted me through flickr after seeing this photo on there. The photo's of my friend Tim at a gelato shop in Leichardt in the summer of 08, in what is now known as his infamous teeth t-shirt (I told him not to buy it, it was so scene). So they contacted me, it was the first time someone ever wanted to use my work for anything, I emailed them the photo, and they told me they'd send me a copy when it was finished. That's all there really was to it. So to everyone who scoffs at flickr... shut your face, it's done some very cool things for me and people I know.
It's still exciting to look at for me. I was never a massive fan of this particular photo, but that's usually the way it works for me. Seeing your name is print is always the first part. It's all about credit.