Frankie Magazine: The Photo Album Vol.1

One day out of boredom more then anything I decided to send Frankie a link to my flickr accompanied by something alone of the lines of 'my photos are awesome, you will love them, just let me know when you want to use them.' Honestly what was I even thinking. A couple of months later, to my absolute shock and amazement, I got an email from Louise Bannister, co-finder of Frankie mag, asking if they could use the photo above (on the left) for a photo book the magazine were putting together. Pretty sure I responded with a 'fuck yes you most certainly can.'
My back and forths with Louise were simple and stress-free. She sent me an interview to fill out, a statement by supplier form to fill out (get money, get PAID. It was $80, if you're interested), and just basic info about image resolution etc etc. So easy, sent all my stuff off, had to wait until the book was printed to get paid, got sent my free copy, done and done.
While I'm obviously stoked with the end result, they did stretch my photo. I understand why it had to happen and I know it might not be obvious, but I can tell. It's also printed a little muddy-looking but that's just the paper stock they've used. (*NOTE: I have since tried printing this photo myself and it is REALLY HARD. Kudos to Frankie, they clearly did an amazing job). Loved the grab they used from my interview too. Devastated India's dog poo drama didn't make it to print but we can't have everything we want.

Interview below.

What is your name?
Fleur Audet

What is your website/flickr details?

How old are you?

When did you shoot this image?
May 3, 2008

Where is it taken?
At home on my dining room table.

Why did you decide to shoot it?
At the time I was shooting a series that were visual interpretations of idioms. The series was initially taken digitally but I ended up exhibiting them as Polaroid’s. This is the “Tea and sympathy” digital shot.

Describe the day you shot this (where you busy, on holidays, on a lunch break, searching for something etc)?
It was a sunny Saturday during the uni semester and that morning I’d been assisting my friend India on one of her shoots. In typical fashion, we ended up in a stranger’s backyard photographing their hills hoist clothes line. The tripod broke, a dog tried to attack me, India stepped in dog poo in bare feet, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t allowed to tell that story.

Who was with you?
I shot this solo.

What did you shoot it on?
A point and shoot Olympus SP500 UZ.

Is there a story behind the camera you shot it on?
Nothing exciting. I got for my 18th birthday from my mum and dad. It’s no DSLR but it holds its own. I’ve taken many a lovely photo on it.

What do you call this image?
Tea and sympathy.

What do you think of when you look at this image?
I think of how quiet I had to be when I was stealing my grandma’s crockery for this shot.

If there’s a person in – who is it and what did they think of the image? N/A