ELLEgirl Korea November 2009.

A couple of months after the last issue of ELLEgirl Korea ran, Na Rang Kim contacted me again to see if I wanted to contribute to another story she was putting together. This brief was about your favourite place and it could be anywhere, indoors or out.
I chose to photograph swimming pool steps. It was the end of spring, it was getting really hot, and I'd been swimming for a couple of weeks and shooting pools so it seemed like the obvious choice for me.
There were soooo many changes to this brief as it progressed, really irritating. I got an email from Na Rang saying now they wanted us to submit photos of not only the space, but us within the space. And then another email saying that they preferred landscape photos. I finally got it done and submitted probably around 6 photos for them to chose from, as well as the interview. This is probably my favourite interview of the 7 I've ever done.
There was something about the placement of my image on the page I really didn't like in this spread. It just annoys me on a whole other level. I know that my choice of place is really different to everyone else's in the story, but I knew everyone would be choosing their desk, their bed, their couch etc etc and I always like to go against the grain if I can/if I'm bothered/if I have the balls.

Click below for the interview.

1) Please introduce yourself
My name is Fleur Audet. I like blue skies in winter, movie soundtracks, boys in white t-shirts, waking up before sunrise, and laughing until I cry. I don’t like coffee.

2) Name of the place
Swimming pool steps.

3) Why do you like the place? (In detail)
The steps of a swimming pool have always been a place I associate with my childhood, and my favorite time of year - an Australian summer. The first steps into the pool every summer are always my favorite. I have never been one to jump into a pool; I must take my times on the steps. I like the memories I relate to this place, and I like what the steps lead to. Whether it’s summer and I’m making my way into the water one step at a time yelling that it’s too cold, or just standing on them in colder months wishing for warmer weather, swimming pool steps all lead to the same place – the bliss of gliding weightless through the beautiful blue. I could live in it.