ELLEgirl Korea July 2010.

This issue just arrived yesterday, literally still fresh.
Na Rang emailed me 4 weeks ago, letting me know that she was preparing an article with the premise "Colours of Cities." Basically the story is about how when you travel you can remember the city as representing one colour, for example Croatia’s red roof, London’s gray weather, Japanese students in black school uniforms, etc etc, you get the idea.
All I had to do was identify the colour of a city I'd been to and send Na Rang:
  • 2-3 photos of the city that represent the colour
  • The completed interview
I chose Paris and identified its colour as green. Explanation as to why in the interview after the jump.
I don't think I've said it yet but I really hate filling out interviews. Really really really hate it. I hate it even when the questions of good, but I hate it more when the questions are terrible. The questions for this story were more then terrible, and I think the translation from Korean to English really murdered them. I can't even begin to say how awful my responses are, I couldn't even work up the courage to post it on my personal blog. I remember filling it out on the night of the deadline, I'd just had an exhausting day of shooting, and I didn't care anymore because most of what I was saying was going to get lost in translation anyway. That's my reasoning and I'm sticking to it.
I also don't think I've mentioned at this point that I get Mariam to edit all my interviews before I send them out. Seriously, she's such a trooper (although I really know she loves it). She makes corrections and suggestions and assures me things aren't as bad as I'm imagining. She also casts an eye over the photos I send in. Life saver.
This marks the first time ever I've been 100% happy with how my photos has been selected, printed, and placed in any of the times I've been published. ELLEgirl even selected my photo to represent the story in the contents page. Bananas. Loves it.

Don't love this interview.

1. When was the trip, and what's the purpose?
I visited Paris in June/July 2009 for 2 weeks with my mum as a gift for my twenty-first birthday.

2. What kind of situation were you in, and what kind of person were you in that situation?
I was on holiday, taking my first trip overseas. It was a much-needed break from my studies at university.

3. What's the color of the city? (For example, blue or any particular color like cobalt blue)
The colour of Paris when I visited was green.

4. When was the moment that the colour of the image impressed you?
After 3 days of walking the streets of Paris I was struck by how even the smallest bit of green could be seen in every setting; a planter-box on a balcony high above the city streets, a florist in every laneway. It was summer and the city was alive and flourishing.

5. What are the similarities between the color and the city?
Green symbolizes new life, harmony, and nature, which is what I experienced and how I felt during my time in the city. Everything street you walk down is lined with trees, it really is all around you.

6. Can you recommend any good places and times that can feel the color?
The Esplanade des Invalides in the morning, the gardens of Versailles at any time of day is perfect, the Jardin des Tuileries in the evening when the Lourve is lit up, and any street through out the city at anytime – they’re all beautiful.